Marsh Hay Mulch

The farm is located in a unique area just north of Madison, WI called the Cherokee Marsh.  This area is typical of many marsh’s with a few exceptions.  The farm proper is located on “high ground” which allows us to grow veggies.

The immediate surrounding area is marsh that has been cut for hay for the last 35 years.  This long cropping history means that the marsh grass that is harvested is free of many of the other native species that exist in most marshes, such as red sumac and cat tails.  This means it is also 100% free of any weed seeds.  No more volunteer weed seed in your garden that hitched a ride on your mulch.

Marsh hay is unique in it’s mulching properties as well.  The blades of grass have a very fine edge that interlocks with other blades of grass.  This means it holds together very well when on the ground.  After a good rain, it will not be going anywhere, even with some good gusts of wind.

Our bales are the small squares like you are used to seeing.  They can weigh anywhere from 30-40lbs each or more.  A single bale will usually cover about 100sq ft.  A little less if you want a thicker mulch.

For larger amounts, 150 or more bales, we may be able to deliver free or for a fee depending on how many bales you need and how far you are from the farm.


If you would like to purchase marsh hay mulch for fall 2018 – Spring 2019, please visit our main retail customer:

Klein’s Floral and Greenhouse
3758 East Washington Ave.
Madison, WI 53704
(608) 244 5661

Klein’s has been a customer for our Marsh Hay for over three decades.  They sell some of the finest horticultural products in Madison.  (NOTE:  Klein’s is undergoing a renovation.  Please call them before heading out.)