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Broccoli is a nutrient dense vegetable.  To get the maximum benefit from these nutrients it is best eaten raw or steamed.  We like it best steamed.  Use broccoli in your salads, stir fry or baked dishes.  Caserole, cheesy hash browns and other dishes can be greatly enhanced by adding some veggies.

Spring, Summer and Fall broccoli will slightly change in taste and apperance based on the season.  Spring and Fall broccoli likes cool weather.  When temperatures get warmer than 75F these early and late broccoli varieties have a tendency to bolt.  This is where the small beads on the heads open and show their flowers.  When we eat broccoli we are are actually eating the immature flowers.  Summer broccoli is designed to not bolt as quickly when the temps soar during the summer.

Crown cut, side shoots and bunched are all different ways of harvesting broccoli.  Crown cut is the first and main head that the broccoli plant produces.  It has the shortest amount of stem below the crown.  Side shoots are harvested after the main head.  They are usually smaller, but otherwise taste the same.  Bunched broccoli is just that.  It is usually a few crown cut stems or more side shoots.

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