Statement on GMO

We do not plant seeds that have been genetically modified.  Genetic Modification is the artifical insertion of genetic material that would not otherwise be present in the seed in nature.  Usually this means inserting genes from soil bacteria, fungus, etc. into the genome (the genetics) of the vegetable or fruit.  This is done to make the plant produce a pesticide, such as BT toxin to kill insects, or to make the plant resistant to a herbicide, such as roundup.

We, personally, do not agree with this moving of genes between entire kingdoms of living things.  This is un-natural and nature would NEVER allow for this type of trans-genic modification of a plant’s genome.  There have been no long term studies (multi-generational studies on humans) to show that this type of gene modifcation is safe.  In fact there are numerous studies to show that GMO foods may potentially be unsafe when consumed over long periods of time.

For these reasons, we will not knowingly plant any GMO seeds or transplant any GMO seedlings.  We believe that we are to work with nature and not against nature.