Winter squash is on the menu

Winter squash is one of those great veggies that can be found locally through the sticker-butternut-squash winter months.  It is packed with vitamins and can be prepared in many different ways.  We grow more than 15 different varieties.  Many of them are available at your local grocery store in the greater Madison area.

We encourage you to visit the restaurants below who use our squash or pickup some squash at one of our grocery partners and make some squash tonight!  Just look for the Becker Family Farms sticker on the squash.



All of the squash we grew this year is free of herbicides and pesticides.

Cherry Tomatoes in the News

Cherry tomatoes have been one of the veggies that the farm has excelled at growing.  We have partnered with REAP Food group and the Madison Metropolitan School District this year to provide fresh, local cherry tomatoes as part of REAP’s Farm to School Snack program.  This program seeks to bring fresh, local produce to school children during the school day.

NBC 15 ran a nice segment on how REAP prep’s and distributes the cherry tomatoes. Congratulations to all involved on getting fresh local produce to kids and letting the community know that our local farms are working hard to provide fresh, local produce!