Cereal Rye

Each year we use many tons of Rye and Wheat Straw along with Marsh Hay to mulch our veggie crops.  Here are few images from this year.

And a few short videos showing baling, harvesting and some flour from our Rye.  CSA shares will be receiving flour. We also dropped off several hundred pounds to local Chefs. It is quite amazing to see a crop grow and turn into such wonderful baking goods. We will have more flour available. Contact the farm if interested.

Lettuce Head

salanova_huge It has been a long time since the last post.  Sorry about that.  Lettuce this spring and  early summer was very good.  Joe found a HUGE head of a lettuce weighing over 4lbs!  This one head made salads for eight people during lunch.

Look for lettuce to return this fall.