Butterkin Squash

[SinglePic not found] It is hard to believe that fall is already here.  We are excited about a new variety of Squash that we were able to grow this year.  Only 300 farms in the USA received seed of this variety so we think we are pretty lucky.

The squash is called Butterkin.  It is a sweeter, pumpkin shaped squash that is creamier than a butternut.  It has a very nice, richly colored interior flesh.  It is also quite heavy for it’s size.

Tracy roasted ours in the oven and served it to the kids.  Erica (18 months old) ate 1/2 of a 4lb squash.  Tracy said she was squealing for more until she had her fill.  THAT is all the proof I need that this squash is a winner.

Available in limited quantities this year, it can be purchased directly from the farm or at:

  • Metcalfe’s Market West – Madison, WI
  • Piggly Wiggly - Poynette, WI

Our CSA members will see this squash in your share over the next few weeks.  Please let us know what you think of it!

Recipes available here: www.butterkinsquash.com

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