Learning about Biological Pesticides

We are always looking for safer and better approaches to insect management.  It is very challanging each year to decide if and when to treat a crop for insect damage.  We rely on research from the University, independent studies and manufacturer sponsored studies to help us learn which products will provide the best control with the least amount of risk.

We use BT’s at Becker Family Farms, but we do NOT use GMO seeds that have been artificially engineered to create the BT toxin.  Rather we spray the BT insecticide ON the outside of the crop.  The effect is the same, but without the BT insecticide being embedded inside every cell of the plant and the food you eat.  BT’s have a very short life in the field and on the crop so repeat spraying is necessary if pest pressure remains high.  This may cost us a little more time and money, but we believe it provides you with safer food.

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