Honeybear Squash Harvest

2012-Honeybear Squash2012 Honeybear Acorn Squash that we picked a few weeks back.  They turned out well considering all of the hot dry weather we had. You are looking at a little over 1000 squash.  This is about 1 and half of those large watermelon pallet bins that you see watermelon sitting in at the grocery store.

Tracy and the little kids spent a good part of the day picking each one by hand, putting it in a wheelbarrow and bringing it up to be washed.  We then lay them on the grass to dry and cure for a few days.  Each squash is hand harvested with a garden shears leaving maybe a 1″ handle.  Just enough to seal the squash so decay does not get inside, yet not enough that they poke each other when placed in a bin.

Hopefully next year we will have four or five times this amount, if we have a market for it all, ha ha.

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