Garlic Cracking

It is that time of the fall for planting garlic.  The first order of business is cracking apart the garlic bulb.  This is what you see in my hand to the right. 

This particular variety of garlic is called Music.  It is a Porcelin or “Hardneck” garlic.  Hardneck coming from the the hard, almost pencil like stick that will grow up from the center of the new bulb.  In order to plant the garlic we must first remove the white papery covering.  Inside the garlic bulb will be individual garlic gloves.  These cloves also have their own covering, but we don’t remove those to plant, only when we want to eat them.  This coming year we will have 6 varieties of garlic for you to enjoy, all with their own unique zest, but still very much garlic.

The garlic we are cracking here is additional garlic  that we purchased locally this year  to expand our planting.  Last year we planted about 13lbs of garlic.  This year we are planting about 130lbs of garlic.  In a good year we will get about a 600% to 700% yield over what we planted. 

The garlic clove to your right is quite an over achiever.  It is darn right huge.  Music is know for large bulbs that can weigh almost a 1/3lb each.  There we 6 of these cloves in the particular bulb I cracked.

It takes quite some time to crack open 130lbs of garlic.  The kids and grandma have all been helping.  Hopefully with the rain letting up over the last day we will be able to get into the field to plant.  It is the last item we plant for the year.  Garlic will also be the very first veggie to poke it’s new green shoots from the ground in the spring. 

I will try and post a few more images and maybe a video of us planting this weekend.  It is always interesting when you have kids ages 12-1 who all want to help.

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