End of Tomatos and Peppers

It was a sad day on Wednesday morning.  I received a call from Mom early in the morning.  She said that the the tomatoes and peppers were all killed by the 31F temps on Tuesday evening.  We spent some time covering the peppers as we had a lot of little ones coming, but it was no use.  The peppers that were set were still ok, but the plants were toast.

So we pulled off around 300lbs of peppers.  Most went to our customers, some to friends and our priests and consecrated ladies.  The rest we froze to use during the winter.

It is just so hard to see all of the tomatoes that were still sitting out in the field.  I guess this seasons tomato and pepper season had to end sometime.  Well at least we still have the broccoli, kale, collards, lettuce and pac choi to look forward too.  Ha ha.

The mad dash is also on to get the remaining squash, pumpkins, gourds, and melons out of the field.  Planting of cover crops can start now too.

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