It was a good day

Well it was a pretty good day.

  • Dug 75lbs of new potatoes
  • Took in 8lbs of collards and Chard, ten pounds of Kale.  There are a lot more collards out there, but it got too hot to continue picking.  Hot weather=limp greens.
  • 15lbs of Beans.  They are just getting started.
  • 22lbs of patty pan squash
  • Almost 20lbs of cucumbers.

We also picked a few quarts of strawberries.  One to bring to a friend at Church tomorrow who requested them.  The new patch has some really nice berries coming.  We need to weed again though.  It seems like the weeding NEVER ends.

I got the first string up on all rows of tomatoes and the second string on a few.  We run strings down each side of the rows of tomatoes and have T-Posts spaced every five plants.  We wrap the string, which is just baler twine, around each T-Post.  This keeps the plants growing up and off the ground.  This makes picking a LOT easier and keeps the diseases to a minimum.

Tracy did a LOT of work today.  She had a major sunburn across her low back area at the end of the day.  I think she was trying to stay cool and forgot about her bare skin.  She is REALLY sore. 

More fun tomorrow.  We have to get the rest of the peppers weeded and mulched.  Then onto the winter squash.  They need a really good weeding and mulch as well.

Ohh yea, mom let me know that the RASPBERRIES that we planted this year were delicious.  She let me know that she ate all of them that were ready as she was pulling the grass that was popping up.  I guess the weeder gets the spoils.  Ha ha.

One thought on “It was a good day

  1. I think that since I was the one to plant most of them I should have like a couple of plants for my-self. I loveeee raspberries. The only down side on picking them is that there are HUGE garden spiders in them and I have naracnafobia. Good thing we have pyganic to spray it with or I probrally would have died a fearful death. Last year when we were picking mom got bit by one and by the looks on her face she didn’t like the feel of it. I am pretty sure that they aren’t poisonous. So there is a little look at what will happen when you plant raspberries.

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